Ekhbaryat Network for Information and Publishing

17/07/2010 02:06:00

General definition:
Ekhbaryat Network for Information and Publishing was founded in 2002 by a group of young journalists and writers who are concerned about the weak reality of journalism in Palestine. The major goal is to contribute to a free Palestinian media despite the difficult circumstances surrounding the Palestinian Occupied Territories.
Since its inception the Network is working on applying the principles of freedom of speech and information. In addition the Network aims to achieve the following set of goals:
1 – to search for young creative journalists in Palestine and give them a window to the world
2 – to open new prospects for media and journalism students by providing them with the opportunity to disseminate their production under the supervision of professional journalists who adopt the idea of the network.
3 – to create the largest possible space of freedom and democracy to reflect and influence the public opinion
4 – to show the developments of the Palestinian problem with a clear focus on Palestinian society from within.
5 – to preserve neutrality, and to avoid dependence on any internal or external party.
6 – to follow up the advancement and upgrading of the Palestinian society
7 – to raise awareness of important developments on Arab and international levels.
8 - enhance society self-confidence and promote the spirit of hope and peace and fight extremism and radicalism.

Targeted audience:
All people regardless of religious, cultural and gender differences.

1 - neutrality: avoidance of biased attitudes and personal interfering when addressing events. Also the avoidance of affiliation with states, doctrines, parties, groups, or institutions
2 - objective: accurate and professional journalism
3 - comprehensiveness of content: to provide a comprehensive, integrated and coherent work.
4 - moral criticism: avoid libel or praise of individuals, bodies and states, and to avoid sensationalism and propaganda methods, or provocation and incitement.
5 - thrilling presentation: to ensure high professionalism that provides comfort to the visitors of the Network.


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